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The Forgotten Tyrs Pack - Signed

Image of The Forgotten Tyrs Pack - Signed

$20.00 - On Sale

For one low price, receive a signed copy of both Welcome to Grizzlydale and Rise of the First City. (And one special comic book surprise).

In the Forgotten Tyrs series Aaron Duran taps into his own love of creepy childhood stories to create a unique tale that balances the challenges of adolescence with unnamable horrors. Drawing upon his own Latino background, Aaron deftly works in cultural nuances of Eric and his family that adds an air of welcome diversity to the growing middle school reader market.

Welcome to Grizzlydale: Unfamiliar faces, new friends, and even new bullies await 11-year old Eric Del Bosque as he moves into his new neighborhood of Ashen Forest Estates, a slice of small-town America. The new home and new rules are the least of his problems as Eric learns that his bedroom faces the den of a nightmarish rural legend that also happens to exist outside normal space and time. Soon, beloved pets begin to vanish all over the neighborhood and only Eric and his new friend Heather Foster can piece together the mystery of the legendary beast and the real danger of growing up in Grizzlydale. If they can avoid being grounded for the summer, that is.

Rise of the First City: The Earth shook and a monster rose, but together Eric Del Bosque and Heather Foster put the creature down. They returned Ashen Forest Estates back to a peaceful neighborhood outside the small town of Grizzlydale. With summer ending, the only real challenge facing Eric and Heather is a new school and the awkwardness of adolescence. Until an ancient power flowing under the very streets of their town begins to rise. And with it, untold horrors that wish to consume every living thing in Grizzlydale, starting with Eric and Heather. As if avoiding the school bully wasn’t enough of a challenge…